Launch Event: A Summary

OxPolicy put on its first event on Wednesday of last week – and we think it was great. Many thanks to our excellent speakers.

There was some very interesting debate from the panel. We asked how much responsibility we as a society should bear for the integration of immigrants, and the consensus was: quite a lot. There was an interesting discussion on where we’re seen to be failing, and how we could do better. What the committee was so pleased with was the sincerity  of everyone in their views, and the critical approach both audience and panel members took towards the issue.

Important points arose from the discussion. Dr Ana Aliverti grounded the issue with her analysis of the effect of tighter immigration controls on the UK’s development – focusing particularly on recent developments with visas for academics & students – something that has very obvious ramifications for everyone studying at university now (and thus perhaps a large majority of our readership!). We also heard from Jeremy Bowell and Alison Baxter ( involved in Fellow and Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action respectively) about how segregation between British people and those who have come here from abroad affects Oxford. Isolation does nothing to help social cohesion. (Incidentally, there are programmes for people to get involved in if they think this is an issue they would like to address – both of these organizations can point you in the right direction.) We also discovered from Dr Elizabeth Peretz how people are being detained after no wrongdoing at all in Campsfield House with at least dubious ethical backing, which along with Layla Moran’s thoughts lead to some interesting discussion – and pleasingly some real world action:

Don’t forget that you can read our report, which details our thoughts on the integration issue, on our website here. Of course, this is only the beginning for OxPolicy. We’re very excited about next term. There are plans to be made and all that, but watch this space for details of what will happen next year. We’ll keep you posted – and literally so if you sign up to our mailing list here!

Oh yes, here are the photos:

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